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Some time ago 2 contests were "opened".

The first one was to give Rob an e-mail address befitting his ... well, let's just say "creative genius", OK? To date, these are the entries that have been received: (Didn't he quit?) (Carly's entry.) (I hope we don't all have to have a goofy name at this site!) (Forward-backward.) (Futuristic/sequential.) (A town near Twig.) (Opposite of conservative.) (Father of Noah.) (Husband of Betsy.)

The second was a "complete the following sentence" kind of thing.

"Making the assumption that Joe were actually fermented enough to drive to
Minnesota just to drink beer, he could then be proclaimed ..."

Long distance, beer swilling, bladder flexing, pedal to the metal, creator of the nectar of the gods.
Leader of all that is decent and buzz fulfilling.
King of the bottlecap.
A true Stepan.
A true Stepan who'd drive 1000 miles for a cold one (or 10).
The same old Joe that we know and LOVE!

Last updated: 06/24/2012

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