Circle Tour 2003

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Minnesota - North Shore
Minnesota - Duluth

Kala, Sarah, and I recently completed the Circle Tour of Lake Superior. It's a wonderful 1,200-mile jaunt (Duluth-to-Duluth). We chose to circle it clockwise, which means that we went up the North Shore, through Canada (Ontario), and then returned along the South Shore (Michigan and Wisconsin).

If you'd like, here's a link to the PowerPoint slide-show of the trip. The original version of the PowerPoint file was over 100MB. I was able to shrink it somewhat, but it's still like 37MB, so be patient if/when you download it. When you click the link, you'll likely get the option to OPEN or SAVE the file. Since either one will require the file to be downloaded locally to your computer, I'd RECOMMEND that you SAVE it locally. In that way if you wanted to see it a second time (or whatever), you wouldn't have to RE-download it.

The pages here contain a couple highlights from each state/province, roughly in chronological order.

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