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As you may or may not know, there were many Minnesotans and Iowans that traveled abroad to the family reunion which was held in Aalst, Belgium, July 4-11, 1998. It was a good time and was very interesting.

Clarence, Mark, and Dave spent about 10 days "romping" around Europe before the reunion. This section is a synopsis of the entire experience and is intended to give you an overview of the places and things that we said and did while we were there.

It is organized chronologically. That is, the pictures will be presented in the order in which they were taken.

NOTE: Pictures are a resource-hog on the Internet. I am still learning the intricate art of balancing the quality of the image with the size of the file. That is, some of them may take awhile to "come up", so please be patient! (Thanks...)

NOTE 2: Any days not listed (to the left) didn't have any pictures worth posting most likely.

NOTE 3: I'm aware of a few of the pictures' blemishes. Again I'll plead a certain level of unfamiliarity with the intricacies of the image formats, etc. Thanks for your patience!

Hope you enjoy the trip!

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