Day 3: Jun 26

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An ad-hoc concert on the steps of St Nicolas Church at the edge of the
town square in Bremen, Germany by a choir that was touring. They
were very energetic and the people that gathered had a lot of fun
listening to them.

The town square in Bremen, Germany. The street-cars go past
with regular frequency. We were almost run over by one shortly
after this picture was taken (while on our way to the Information
Booth, which was quite a site in this quaint little town).

This church in Hamburg, Germany is being left alone for the most part as a
memorial to World War II. The "body" of the church was bombed and
destroyed, but the steeple was spared. My attempt to put the 2 pictures
together was only fair (hey, I tried!).

These are some of the more modern windmills (do they still call them that?) which
we saw on the way from Hamburg, Germany to Berlin, Germany. More
memorable than even the scenery was our first experience of driving the
"autobahn", which is really the European version of what we in the States
would call a "freeway". In many of the rural areas in Germany there is NO
speed limit on the autobahns. Needless to say, the speed-demon in us was
anxious to test these "waters". Our Mazda 323 did remarkably well, and we even
passed a few Mercedes. The first hour or 2 of the experience wasn't as much
fun as the rest though, as we spent as much time in 2ND GEAR as we did
traveling at any somewhat "normal" pace.

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