Hawaii 2008

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Kala, Sarah, and I flew to Honolulu in order to spend a couple weeks on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It was a great trip.

If you'd like, here's a link to the PowerPoint slide-show of the trip. It's approximately 20MB, so be patient if/when you download it. When you click the link, you'll likely get the option to OPEN or SAVE the file. Since either one will require the file to be downloaded locally to your computer, I'd RECOMMEND that you SAVE it locally. In that way if you wanted to see it a second time (or whatever), you wouldn't have to RE-download it.

If it doesn't start PLAYing when you download it, press F5. Good luck and enjoy!

Oh, and if you want to see an admittedly very CHEESEY (?) attempt at a Corona commercial, click here. (22MB, so more patience!)

There are also some pictures in Gallery, here (Dec-2008 note: Gallery is currently in transition to Windows Live).

Lately, Gallery has been "acting up", so I've been experimenting with other ways to share photos, etc. Click here for the Windows LIVE page with the same pictures (and a pretty nice slide-show!).

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