Laughlin 2006

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In late February 2006, 8 of us headed for Laughlin NV for 5 days of golf, smart-talk, a cocktail or 2, etc. Here are a few of the pictures.

As usual, if you want the "full-resolution" version of a file (for printing, etc), just ask. Also, the outdoor scenery shots don't do the ACTUAL courses, etc, justice! Lastly, since most of these pictures were taken on the "back-9" of one of the courses, there's a noticeable disparity in the number of pictures of the guys. That wasn't intentional and I apologize if that offends anyone.

Left-to-right: Terry Langan, Dave Seivert, Duane Osgood, Jesse Pettit, Jason Liestman, Eric Meyer, Charlie Opatz, Mark Stepan.

This is where the swimming pool and hot tub were last year at this time. (Boo hoo!)

Jack and Arnie (aka, Duane and Jesse), waiting for that slow-poke group in front of them (background) to get off the #5 green at Emerald Canyon in Parker AZ. All of the course pictures below are from this (public) golf course which is one of the most memorable courses I've EVER played!

5th green. No room for error hitting this one. It's only about 120 yards long, but the tee is MUCH higher than the green, so it's quite deceptive, not to mention not very forgiving if you miss!

This picture is taken from near the #5 tee. That's the #6 tee to the left of the golf carts, and the #6 green is BEHIND (up the fairway on the left of) the photographer (Jason).

The 6th fairway, as seen from the tee. There are a couple of golf carts on the top of the hill on the left. That's where the picture immediately ABOVE this one was taken. The no-man's-land immediately in front of the tee isn't very large or difficult, more of a mind-game, but the opening in the fairway at about 150-200 yards is VERY narrow!

The view of the #6 green as seen from the approximate same location as the picture 2 above this one. The narrow canyon in the picture immediately above is just to the right in this picture.

Cheer up Si.

Terry lining up his tee shot on #10. The #18 green is in the background.

Mark waiting to tee off on #10. The clubhouse is in the background.

Good form Charlie.

On each of the "9's", there were 3 holes on the other side of the highway, and they were VERY incredible holes both from a golf and also a scenery perspective. As mentioned above, the pictures don't really do it justice.

Si and Terry doing a "stereo tee shot".

The 16th tee (for the back tee position).

The 16th fairway and green. The GOLFing course was very nice and green, but IMMEDIATELY at the edge of the course, it was DESERT, ROCK, HILL, etc.

The 17th fairway, leading up to the "edge" (from which you can finally see the green).

The 17th green, from the edge of the top of the hill. This hole was particularly challenging. Drive to the edge of the hill (if you can, it took me a drive and a chip to get there), then over no-man's-land (and down the hill) to the green.

Duane chipping onto the #18 green. (Jesse, aka "Mr Big Hitter", is trying to find his ball.)

Jesse chipping onto the #18 green.

Jason putting (for birdie? bogie?) on #18 with Eric watching.

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