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First off, Gallery is a package that is available on the internet. As such, there's quite a bit of documentation and help out there. Here's the main page (for help --- it will open in a new browser window):

OK, basically there are 2 types of objects that are managed by Gallery: Albums and Photos. Albums can contain other albums and/or photos. So what that really means is that you should give some thought to how you want to organize your photos. I started everyone off with an album called (for example) "Mark's photos" (etc). Inside of your album, you can choose to just put all your photos right there, or have sub-albums (and subs of those, and so on, if you wish). I can also create additional "top level" albums (and/or other users) as the need arises. Just let me know if you have an idea or if someone else wants to be setup.

So, to manage your album(s), you'll need to go to and login (the link is in the upper-right of the page), which means you'll need a user ID and a password. I'll send those to everyone in a bit. If you don't know your profile and/or password (or don't have one), just send me a note. I'm happy to let anyone in the family have access, but didn't initially setup everyone mainly just so I could get it working with SOME users but without spending too much time on it.

Once you login, you'll be able to manage (your own) photo album(s). A series of options will be displayed along the left side in order to facilitate adding albums, items (photos), moving, deleting, etc. There are 2 ways to add photos to the site: 1) By uploading them "onesie-twosie", or 2) By uploading them in "batches". (OK, actually there is a 3rd way, but that will likely not come into play since if you already had the photos posted on the web, why move/copy them?) Following are the basic required steps only. That is, you can also add comments, etc. In the sections that follow, only the required steps are documented.

Onesie-twosie. This is the easiest way to upload photos. Login and navigate to the album into which you want to add photo(s). Click Add Items along the left side and then select the From Web Browser tab. You will be able to select up to 4 files to be uploaded. Type the fully-qualified file name (for example, C:\Documents And Settings\MStepan\My Documents\My Pictures\Mark.jpg) or click Browse and point (navigate) to your photo. Once you've specified up to the 4 file names, click the Add Items button at the bottom of the page. I'd suggest leaving the box checked for Create thumbnails now.

Uploading in batches. This is a more efficient method to upload a larger number of photos (I believe any number up to 10MB in total size). Basically it involves using FTP to copy the files to a "staging" folder on the server and then using Gallery's import feature. In order to use FTP, you will need a (separate) profile and password to copy the files to the staging folder. That profile and password will also be sent to you (and again just send me a note if you forget or lose either the profile and/or the password). To access the FTP (staging) folder, go to Once you logon, you'll see a series of "working folders" that I've created. Feel free to use the one named after you or create additional folders on your own. Remember what you use here though as you'll need it in a little bit. Drag/drop photos from your local computer into the FTP window. Note that this can take some time, so be patient! Once the copy is complete, go back to the Gallery window where you logged in. Click Add Items along the left side, then select the From Local Server tab. Under the Server Path box are a couple of paths. Click the one that ends with /upload and then add the folder name where you put the photos via FTP. For example, add /mark/temp to the end of the path if you opened the mark folder and created a folder called temp in it, and copied your photos there. Click the Add Items button at the bottom of the page (leave Create thumbnails now checked). There may be another (self-explanatory) completion screen or 2. Follow the instructions.

When you're browsing photos in the albums, try out the slideshow feature. I think it's pretty cool!

Lastly, send me your comments ...

Last updated: 06/24/2012

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