Sequoia National Park

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Obviously we then visited Sequoia National Park. Very cool (in more ways than 1)!

Is a caption really necessary? (Too late now.)

Much of the park was even higher than this.

The road zig-zagged and switched-back a lot to climb 2,000 feet or so rather quickly.

Neat rock. It might have been standing there for 100 years, but I'm still not going under it.

This tree has been laying here for about as long as Mark's been around. But seriously, a TREE losing its balance???

We were fairly high up at this point (6,000 feet +), so there was considerable fog, not to mention the temperature was in the mid 40's!

It's tough to imagine the size of these trees without being there. Quite the sled we were roughing it in, huh?

Many trees showed fire damage.

No visit to Sequoia would be complete without seeing the General Sherman.

Kala & Sarah wanted to walk through this tree that was lying down ...

It's tough to get an ENTIRE tree into a photo, so in order to accomplish it you have to be far enough away that it doesn't even seem that big anymore.

The General Grant tree is the 3rd largest in the world. FYI: They've stopped naming the trees.

When they say Giant Sequoia, they're not kidding!!!

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